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Until the age of 16, she never took pills.
Always interested in natural methods of treatment and prevention.
started working as a fitness trainer in a large Moscow chain.
Before my eyes, people tried to improve their appearance with unnatural methods:
pricked the farm, hyaluron, drank diet pills.
But, I have always understood that true beauty is in a healthy body. A healthy body is formed by high-quality natural food, care and moderate exercise.
started using products from the Siberian Wellness company, at that time the company was called "Siberian Health".
I gradually developed trust in the product.
The question of supplements has become more relevant than ever.
Siberian Wellness increased its sales by 60%. After the rebranding was changed from "Siberian Health", the packaging of the goods changed, the goods began to have a luxury look.
I realized that I have a lot of experience, I can help people stay healthy and beautiful, have a strong energy.

Why did I choose Siberian Wellness?


• The company is stable and reliable;

• Already 24 years on the market and 3 crises have passed;

• A network of stores in 65 countries of the world, incl. in Germany - the center of Berlin;

• Own production according to international quality standards ISO, GMP, HACCP, FDA - this gives the best price-quality ratio;

• A wide range of natural products for health, beauty and sports for any wallet, - it is easy to form a turnover;

• High trust rating and clean reputation;

• Partners of the Russian Olympic Committee and the World University Games;

• International loyal system for clients and partners;

• 5-25% cashback, promotions, discounts, profitable marketing plan;

• Training system, personal account on the site;

• Applications, logistics and more.